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Jannis Markopoulos

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독일, 유럽지역에서 활동 중


1984-1986 the school of art of the aristotle university of thessaloniki, greece

(under vangelis dimitreas)

1987-1991 the hochschule der künste in berlin (under karl horst hödicke)

Solo exhibitions

2009 “jannis markopoulos: new paintings”, kwanhoon gallery, seoul korea

2008 “tank-water tank: installation”, kwanhoon gallery, seoul

2003 “works from the past 10 years”, swr gallery, stuttgart, germany

‘works from the cycle_sophisticated art”, life performance in the artforum, greece

1996 ”dorotheenstraße 105 the binding“ (photos) one-man-show in the infobox at the potsdamer platz, berlin

1991-1992 house of culture marchwitza, potsdam-berlin

house of culture spandau, berlin

gallery christoph weber, berlin

gallery pleiades, athens

university of arts, berlin

gallery loulou lasard, berlin

„the climber“, parochial-church, berlin



Selected group exhibitions

2010 technopolis gasi, athen, greecemore detail show title, place, city

titanium art galerie, athen, greece more detail show title, place, city

2009 “berlin art”, pro art gallery, athens, greece

“pink city’, eve gallery, seoul korea

“kwanhoon artist (with yunjeong kim, yuna park, jannis markopoulos fang yixiu)”, kwanhoon gallery, seoul

“new + selection“, galerie t40, düseldorf, germany

k adenauer stiftunfung, berlin, germany

kalina, moskow, russia

2007 circa, galeria altamira , puerto rico galria altamira, cijon

2004 “a drop of dust, a grain of water”, berliner kunstprojekt

“liquid and melted”, gallery dolores sierra, madrid

2002 „chaos “, london Performance, painting/photo/ video installation projects neue nationalgalerie berlin oficial performance : französische

meisterwerke des 19 jahrhunderts aus der sammlung des,

meteropolitan museum of art, new york

gominolas y azucar jelly and sugar 2 craze, circulo de bellas artes madrid, spain

2007 “art olympics’, beijing, china pinakothek der stadt athen, griechische künstler in deutschland deutsche künstler in griechenland,

(participated artists:akrithakis,lupertz,markopoulos,psixopaidis), athen

2005 100 artists for a museum”, casoria international contemporarey art museum , napel, italy

“goya,” prophet of the modern with life performance in der nationalgalerie

, the old national gallery, berlin

phainomenon 1, mills gallery at the boston center for the arts, boston,usa

2006 phainomenon 2, triennale tempus arti, belgium

phainomenon 3, international biennale, austria

hovering, the vacuum cleaner, cijon, spain

goya project, trafico de arte gallery, leon

2004 “jelly and sugar”, círculo de bellas artes, madrid

"idyll “, liverpool biennale, livepool, uk

“a drop of dust, a grain of water ii” london biennale, london uk

“the spirit of shell”, peloponnes, greece

2003 “m1” “mobile tree” digital pictures group exhibition: “landscapes in perspective.”

works from the series “tupperware”, triennale tempus arti 2003, belgium

“volley banana”, kenia kenya??

“fly dr cocounut, fly”, kenia

“the rapist”, “rape of london”, gallery luke & a, london uk

2002 „memorial for new jersey“, berlin’s art project, berlin

„the sling“, international biennial of austria, kärnten

(2nd prize of the first international biennial of austria)

2001 without title -„the coaster project“, fuller museum of art, brockton, usa

„playmobil“, chaos, london ?

1999 „tribute to gauguin“, new national gallery of art, berlin

1998 „italian embassy“ at italian embassy, berlin

„riding on the swell“gallery hohenthal & bergen, berlin

„eat me baby 1“, berlin

„eat me baby 2“, berlin, the biennial of dakar, africa

„sirens“group exhibition, behala speicher, berlin

„tribute to lyonel feininger“, new national gallery of art, berlin

1997 „frogs“group exhibition bad liebspring, germany

1996 „dorotheenstraße 105 the binding“dorotheenstraße, berlin

1995 „brackstedter mill the binding“, wolfsburg, germany

„gulliver the binding“, zakynthos arte athens 3, athens, greece

„zakynthos arte athens 3“, athens, greece

1994 „between man and animal“, the ministry of health, berlin

1993 parochial-church, berlin

„anthropos’(performance), elephant house, zoo of berlin, berlin