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Kim Hyungdae

  • 관훈갤러리 /
  • 날짜 2021.05.11 /
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1936 Born in Osan, South Korea

1961 Graduated Department of Painting, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University
1977~2002 Professor of Department of Western Painting, College of Formative Arts, Ehwa Women's University 


HALO 15-1106, Acrylic on Canvas, 130.3x193.9cm, 2015

Solo Exhibition
2018 Baahng Gallery (New York)
2016 Korean Contemporary Artist Series kim Hyung-Dae Retrospective
2003 Gana Art Center (Seoul)
2001 Youngeun Museum (Kwangju)
1965 The Press Center Gallery (Seoul) 1968 Shinsegye Art Museum
1984 Shiroda Gallery (Tokyo, Japan) 1991 Gallery Hyundai (Seoul)
1993 Andre Zalet Gallery (New York) Elga Wimmer Gallery (New York 1994)
1995 Aggie Arachi Gallery (Paris) Manif Hangaram Art Hall (Seoul)
1996 Park Yeong-deok Gallery (Seoul) '96 KUNSTRAI Art Fair. Gallery Mareucent (Netherlands)
1998 TOTAL Gallery (Seoul) 1999 Gallery In (Seoul)

HALO 17-0122, Acrylic on Canvas, 145x145cm, 2017

Group Exhibition
1971 Carpi International International Woodcut Print Exhibition (Italy)
1974 Today's Asia Art Exhibition (Italy)
1981 Korea Contemporary Woodcut Print Exhibition 1981-82 (Denmark)
1982 India Triennial (India) The 2nd Space International Print Exhibition (Space Arg Gallery)
1983 Korea Contemporary Art Fair (Milano. Italy) The 4th Seoul International Woodcut Print Biennale
1984 The 16th Cagnes International Painting Exhibition (France)
1985 The 2nd Taiwan International Print Double Year Exhibition (Taipei City Gallery)
1986 Adventure into Print '86 (Hokkaido Province Modern Art Gallery. Japan)
1989 The 4th Chinese International Print Exhibition (Taipei City Art Gallery)
1991 The 19th Lyubljana International Engraving Biennale (Lyubljana)
1995 50 Korean Artists Invitational Exhibition (UNESCO, Paris)
1999 Korea Contemporary Art Exhibitoin, Jacob Jordaens (Art Center. Belgium)
2000 Gwangju Biennale 2000 Special Exhibition, the Profil Exhibition of Korea and Japan's Modern Art, (Gwangju)
and other


HALO 14-308, Acrylic on Canvas, 41.2x27cm, 2014

1961∼'68 Specially selected 6 times at the art exhibition, Kukjeon (the 10th, 11th, 13th, 14th,
16th, 17th)
1961 Awarded the Special Prize of the Chairman of the Supreme Council for National
Rehabilitation Exhibition in the Korea Art Exhibition

1982 Awarded Grand Prize in the 2nd Space International Print Grand Prize Competition